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Bushfire Procedures

Australian summers have at time seen catastrophic bush fires. In conjunction with the Rural Fire Service, State Emergency Service and the Tweed Shire Council, we have reviewed our Bush Fire Emergency Management and Evacuation Plan.

In the event of a fast approaching fire the students, staff and visitors will evacuate to the grass adjacent to the front gate. Assessing the direction and severity of the fire it is possible staff and students may relocate to the Chillingham Community Hall or the Community Centre, until the danger has passed.  We do not encourage you to enter the fire zone to try to collect your children from the school (or alternate location) until the “all clear” is given by the emergency services. 

We will endeavour to contact each family to reassure you that your children are safe at the earliest opportunity.  Please ensure we have your current phone contact details at all times.

Fire during a catastrophic rating

  • Our school has been identified as a school at increased risk if a fire was to break out on a day when a catastrophic fire danger rating is issued for our area.

  • To ensure the health, safety and welfare of students and staff, the NSW Department of Education and Communities has determined that on days when a catastrophic fire danger rating is issued for our area, the school will temporarily cease operations for the day(s) the rating is current.
  • This is based on information obtained by a bush fire assessment of our school arranged by the Department.

  • A catastrophic fire danger rating is likely to occur on a very small number of days during the bush fire season, if at all.

  • The school will only receive notification of a catastrophic fire danger rating after school hours the day before the forecast is issued.
  • To assist me in contacting all parents please ensure that you have provided the school with up-to-date home or after hours contact details.

As our community is surrounded by bushland, it seems opportune to note that the NSW Rural Fire Service recommends that families develop their own home bush fire safety plan, as well.  Resources and a template to help you do this, are available on the NSW Rural Fire Service website at