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Classroom affirmations

Our staff, students and community cultivate an ethos of wellbeing, respect and enthusiasm for teaching and learning together.  

We have incorporated our bee theme across all aspects of our student wellbeing and behaviour programs. Each week a focus behaviour is promoted at our weekly assembly. This is one of the many components of our wellbeing program.  

Students may also have an individual Beeehaviour Book. This is where they can reflect and plan for the consequences of their behaviour; as part of the restitutional justice approach to managing student behaviour. 

Promoting homework also follows our bee theme, as do positive affirmations in our classrooms. 

Bees Knees display for weekly Assemblies

One component of our proactive wellbeing program is the weekly 'Bees Knees' Award. During the week staff noticing desired behaviours adding students names to the Bees Knees box, then at the assembly each teachers draws a name from the box. These students receive a Bees Knees award and their name goes into a lucky dip for a free lunch from the canteen (2 per term). 

Bees Knees award and Be a STAR

In the classroom visual displays affirm positive behaviours, then students identified their best quality to display on their own bee on the door. 

The term homework board encourages students their homework completing a section of the bee each week when their homework is returned. 

Classroom resources