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Primary school routines

For primary-school-age children, and especially kindy kids, a routine will help make each day the best it can be.

Saying goodbye

At first, you might like to stay for a while until your child feels secure at school. When your child has settled into school, a short and reassuring goodbye encourages independence. Let them know who will pick them up at the end of the day.

Picking up children at the end of the day

When school finishes each day, your child will be waiting in the bus lines or sitting on the seats in the assembly area. Make sure your child and their teacher know who will be collecting them each afternoon. Children can get upset if the person picking them up comes late. Although unavoidable occasionally, it's very reassuring for your child if you ring us so we can tell them when you're expected to arrive.    

Please tell your child and send a note if the afternoon pickup arrangements need to change. Sometimes, this is unexpected, in which case ring the school before 3.00pm, so that we can ensure the students go to the correct place.

Keep routines

Kindergarten children can get very tired at night because they are doing so many new and exciting things. For this reason, it helps if you keep routines like bath time, meals and reading routines as regular as possible. It’s important to leave time for your child to play and get a good night’s sleep each night.

Visit the department’s website for more information on health and wellbeing at primary school