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Years 3 and 4 STEM Task

Congratulations to our talented Year 3 and 4 students. Your Bee Projects were fantastic and the K/1/2 students loved coming to watch you present them. You worked hard to research and then write descriptive texts about the parts of the bee, the life cycle of a bee and other bee related information. You then recorded yourselves reading your work, used the Scratch 3 app to code your recordings. Then you used a Makey Makey kit to create a circuit so that when someone pressed a button on your poster they would hear your recordings. You decorated your posters independently and presented a masterpiece. What an epic effort over the past term, integrating science, digital technologies and English.

Presenting your project

Teacher's Task Assessment

Engaging your K,1,2 audience

Question and Answer time

Students find this approach to learning, both challenging and rewarding. Often students and teachers create the rubric at the beginning of the unit, clearly defining the expectations for their presentations. Providing options withing the broad outline of a unit enable students to 'own' their learning. Presenting, peer marking and teaching others subsequently deepens knowledge across the whole unit.  

Peer assessment is a powerful strategy, broaden the depth of understanding and engagement with their peer's work. The Year 3 & 4 rubric is suitably differentiated as they learn the skills to respectfully provide feeback to the classmates. The language of constructive criticism is developed over subsequent years to complement learning. Likewise, students learn accept the opinions of others and if beneficial can improve their work next time, striving for ongoing improvement.