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Personal development, health and physical education

Personal development, health and physical education (PDHPE) is mandatory from Kindergarten to Year 10.

New Syllabus in action

Diagram illustrating the intergrated areas of focus in the new PDHPE syllabus.

The new PDHPE syllabus is divided in 3 areas of focus in integrated units of work, developing the following:

  • self-management skills
  • interpersonel skills
  • movement skills

Students experience a range of learning activities to assist in the development of  healthy and  safe lifestyles, wellbeing and relationships. Each unit of work includes age appropriate activities for students in Kindergarten to Year 6. 

Focus on skills in PE this term

According to the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA), students are expected to participate in PDHPE for between 1.5 and 2.5 hours per week in Kindergarten to Year 6.

PDHPE provides students with opportunities to explore issues that are likely to impact on the health, safety and wellbeing of themselves and others – now and in the future. Students also participate in challenging and enjoyable physical activity, improving their capacity to move with skill and confidence.

Daily Fitness Trail

The fitness trail is blended into the whole playground space. Each piece is designed to develop a particular gross (large) muscles, necessary for the development of fine motor skills. These fine motor and coordination skills are essential for writing and cutting. The trail is always available to all students during recess and lunch times.

K/1/2 complete this trail during the day, often as a brain break, 2-3 days per week. Ball skills and skipping are also part of the daily fitness program during the early years.

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