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This Woolworths Landcare Grant, including a focus on supporting our Native Bees coincided with the arrival of robotics kits from the STEMshare library. So the talented Mrs Mason put her thinking cap on and developed engaging STEM / STEAM learning tasks for all stages,  stimulating research and a deep understanding of bees and their behaviour.

Differentiating the learning for each stage resulted in outstanding presentations; students proudly sharing these interactive presentation with other stages. It was unfortunate we couldn't hold an interactive STEM Day with our school community, as these have been a highlight in past years. 

The Stage 3 task challenged student to create a 'Lego' bee, then program it to perform the very complex 'Waggle Dance'. 

Stage 2 students were challenged to research then life cycle of bees, then create an interactive display, utilising newly aquired programming skills with Makey Makey and Scratch. 

Then Early Stage 1 and Stage 1 students coded a pathway for the native bees (Ozobots) around our playground. They included a path from the preschool so they could also share this experience with the new Kindergarten students during an orientation visit. 

The Native bees are now a permanent part of the school eco-system and will remain so in the future. We remain hopeful to have the incursion with Courtney the Bee Lady in 2022, further developing our understanding of the bees. We are ready for the 'next' step to ensure they remain healthy and continue to support the pollination of our vegetables and fruit in the school garden. Ideally we can assist the wider Chillingham community to also benefit from the wonderful Native Bees. 

Team Effort

Year 3-6 students tutored the K-2 students in coding a pathway for their Bee Ozobots, ready for a visit from the Preschoolers during orientation. 

After observing the Native Bees from our hive flying around the playground students created pathways depicting these flightpaths, including features in the playground. Using colour code programming students in years K-2 recreated the flightpaths for their 'Bee' Ozobots to fly along. 

Collaboration in learning

Students creating a coded pathway in robotics.

Senior students shared their expertise and prior learning with the K-2 students to enhance the pathways for the Bee Ozobosts the travel along.  

After several years working with robotic coding, the Stage 2-3 students have developed a range of coding skills to teach the younger students. 

Our small school setting is ideal for peer tutoring in an engaging, collaborative learning climate. It creates an atmosphere of mutual respect and a focus on learning, benfiting both students.